A Helping Hand - Yard Maintenance

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Weekly lawncare services are provided to keep your lawn beautiful and maintained.  Professional quality cutting, weed whipping, and blowing clippings off of standard areas such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways, (ETC.)

Spring and fall cleanup

Miscellaneous lawncare needs

It is important to prepare your lawn and gardens for the new season after our harsh winters.  I take pride in cleaning up any leaves and debris from your lawns and garden beds and or any other deisred areas during these times.  This will get your leaf covered property all cleaned up and ready for summer and looking GREAT!  Trimming of shrubs, de-thatching the lawns, and plant maintenance is the perfect time to get done in the spring to keep your property looking great for the summer.  

Fall clean-ups entail getting the large amounts of leaves and debris removed from your property, and any other services needed at that time upon request. 

De-thatching, seeding, laying sod, fertilization, aeration, weed control.  We can come up with a plan that meets your needs to help keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful.

Tree and shrub upkeep

I can do tree triming to remove dead limbs that could fall and cause damage. also just gengeral trimming to maintain the growth and shape of your trees.  You may want to eliminate obstruction to nearby signs or your buildings.  It is  important to trim trees to fix growth defects or to establish good structure and safety.  Keeping the lower branches trimmed up is healthy for the trees and also makes it easier to mow the grass under those trees that are hanging low and hard to cut under as well as for the childrens safetly to play around these areas.


Landscaping is a art form that I love to do.  It allows my company to completly change the look of your home or business.  We can do it all from paver sidewalks/patios, removal of landscape beds and re building new ones.  Creating and designing beautiful new landscape formations and plant bed areas start to finish as well.  Rock, mulch, retaining walls, edging, drain tile for water build up issues, there are so many ways to improve the look of your home or business with some great landscape work.  The possibilities are endless on the creations we can build and design for your home or business.

Miscellaneous tasks

I have done pressure washing to remove dirt and grim from homes or decks.  If you have a need for yard maintenance, just ask.  I am happy to see if I can provide you the service you need.  A Helping Hand - Yard Maintenance is dedicated on keeping my clients happy with prompt service and communication to keep a smooth relationship with my clients.  

Snow removal

Snow removal for commercial properties generally get done when 1 or more inches of snow fall occurs, Residentail houses can be done as much as the client would like, usually 2 inches or more of snow fall.  We work long shifts over 24 hours straight or more to get all clients cleared of snow ASAP.  Keeping your driveways, patios, and sidewalks clear from snow and ice are very important.  We can discuss what you feel is best for you when it comes to snow removal and salt applications for thawing of ice build up.