A Helping Hand - Yard Maintenance

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Please note, this is still under construction and more detail needs to be added.
  1. Spring Cleanup
    Spring Cleanup
    Hauling out some brush.
  2. Mulch
    Freshen up your landscape with new mulch.
  3. Cross cuts
    Cross cuts
    Larger open yards may be able to display cross cuts like this.
  4. Edging
    Owner wanted to do edging and rock around a new deck.
  5. Simple single cut
    Simple single cut
    Even a single cut on a yard that has some depth that looks fabulous. I always look to do nice straight lines.
  6. Mulch
    Updating the gardens.
  7. Black Dirt
    Black Dirt
  8. Grading and seeding
    Grading and seeding
  9. poly edging, and mulch
    poly edging, and mulch
    working on some edging, poly, and mulch.
  10. Fresh died Red Mulch
    Fresh died Red Mulch
  11. prep work midway through job
    prep work midway through job
  12. Plants, Rock, poly, edging
    Plants, Rock, poly, edging
  13. Working Hard
    Working Hard
  14. finishing touches:)
    finishing touches:)
  15. new graded lime rock driveway back to homeowners shed
    new graded lime rock driveway back to homeowners shed
  16. Landscaping
    Before this, these landscaping beds were solid 4' tall weeds thick as can be. New plants, removed plants, rock, poly, and some new edging along side the house. The block edging was existing, we made some minor tweaks to level them out.
  17. landscaping
    Different angles and View Points
  18. Spring Clean-Up
    Spring Clean-Up
    Fenced in back yard, blowing all the leaves to the front to be sucked up and removed.
  19. Spring Clean-Up
    Spring Clean-Up
    almost to the fence opening! LOTS OF LEAVES!
  20. now to get these leaves out front to be sucked up and hauled to the dump-site.
  21. Loading up the last of the leaves before a final run through.
  22. After Clean Up
    After Clean Up
    Striped lines after a clean up.
  23. Before Clean Up
    Before Clean Up
  24. Before clean up
    Before clean up
  25. After Clean-Up
    After Clean-Up
  26. Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
  27. 1st Cut of the season
    1st Cut of the season
  28.  Rock and Mulch Job
    Rock and Mulch Job
  29. Edging and Mulch
    Edging and Mulch
  30. Landscaping
    building a volleyball court and also edging around it. some Sod work and and cleaning up the wooded areas.
  31.  New Equipment
    New Equipment
  32. 1st cut of the season
    1st cut of the season
  33. Tare out of Hot Tub
    Tare out of Hot Tub
  34. Ready to put the new Hot Tub in
    Ready to put the new Hot Tub in
  35. Before
  36. After
  37. Before
  38. New toys!
    New toys!